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Phytochemicals are found in colorful fruits and vegetables and have synergistic healing properties!

What are Phytochemicals?!

Phytochemicals are the new frontier in nutrition!   They are biologically active substances that are in all plant foods and which give plants their color, flavor, and disease resistance.  The same powerful disease-fighting molecules designed to protect the plant from pathogens offer similar protection during human consumption.  Thousands of individual phytochemicals have been identified, with each food containing a variety of chemical families to promote a wide variety of reactions and activities.  The true value of phytochemicals comes from the "synergy" amongst them; that is why, oftentimes, supplements may not make a large enough difference during the healing process - pieces and parts, necessary to work optimally in our bodies, are missing!  Synthetic versions can never compete with nature.

"Continued attention to increasing fruit and vegetable consumption is a practical and important way to optimize nutrition to reduce disease risk and maximize food  health" (J Am Diet Assoc., 2000). These healing compounds in natural whole foods directly target protective cellular mechanisms (especially mitochondria), regulate inflammation, modulate hormonal responses, promote detoxification, and manage oxidative stress.

Synergistic phytochemicals found in natural whole foods are nature's medicine, have no adverse side effects, promote quality of life, and are the new frontier of hope in preventing and healing many degenerative diseases!

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